Why it’s time the Baganda saved Uganda from Museveni

By Eric Kashambuzi

The Kabaka of Buganda and his wife. President Museveni is said to have used the influence of the Kabaka to on the Baganda to get into power and stay there.
A happy-looking Kabaka of Buganda with his wife Nabagereka Nagginda. President Museveni is said to have used the influence of the Kabaka to on the Baganda to get into power and stay there. These smiles may soon be wiped away by the real ‘King’.

In their understandable desire to get rid of Obote (RIP) and his largely Protestant-based Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party and restore their traditional institutions and assets especially land lost with the introduction of the 1967 constitution, Baganda supported Museveni against wise advice and his mercenaries initially recruited from Tutsi refugee camps in Ankole.

The destructive guerrilla war in the Luwero Triangle targeted Baganda Protestants for elimination and confiscation of their properties. Baganda Protestants since the colonization of Uganda had worked closely with British administration and were the most experienced in administration and the richest in Uganda.

With due respect, Baganda Catholics and Muslims who replaced Protestant Baganda had neither experience in governing nor wealth to challenge Tutsi dominance in the NRM. Thus, Museveni and his men and women took advantage of this weakness to advance their interests in Uganda and beyond using Buganda as a base.

For public display purposes, Baganda were and are still given senior positions in the executive and legislative branches of government, NRM and occasionally in the army without authority to even protect their own interests. This is no longer a debatable issue.

Thankfully, it is not too late to arrest and reverse the trend. What Baganda need to understand is that the Tutsi leadership they have embraced that emerged after independence does not believe in traditional institutions like kingdoms, witness the demise of kingdoms in Burundi, Ankole and Rwanda. It does not also believe in development and empowerment of the general population. It believes in the opposite to be able to govern indefinitely.

5 thoughts on “Why it’s time the Baganda saved Uganda from Museveni

  • April 23, 2014 at 9:39 am

    While Baganda had the desire to get rid of Obote, they cannot take credit for his overthrow. He was overthrown by his own fellow Northerners. 1971 by a Kakwa (Iddi Amin) and 1985 by Acoli (Okello & Okello). In turn Okello & Okello self overthrew in 1986. Effectively, one can say, Baganda are only capable of causing chaos but they cannot remove a government. If the removal of Museveni depends on them, Ugandans must forget this. After all they are content with their Kingdom. Why should they bother about the rest of the country. Practically, there are three Ugandas in one. Buganda for Baganda, West for westerners and the rest for the rest of us from the north and east.

  • April 23, 2014 at 1:02 pm

    I would like to remind the editor or who wrote this article that this article is divisive and tribalistic. Baganda alone will never defeat M7 Ugandans should come together or should be encouraged to fight as one. Through out history the baganda have been manuplated becauase of selfcentred idiologies and the need to feel that they are suprior to anybody else. How can can you say that it is time baganda saved Uganda. Ugandans will save themselve not a tribe saving Uganda, From experience baganda can not be trusted either, part of the problems facing Ugandans are created by baganda. Uganda belongs to every Ugandan who lives in it.

  • April 23, 2014 at 6:45 pm

    Thank you very much to time after time trying to waken up ugandans and Baganda in particular that without waking up to struggle for both economic power and military power
    through a federated economic and political Uganda ,this thing called Uganda was a still birth from day one ,since independence.May the almighty God reward you in abundance
    if not in this life ,in the next,for having tirelessly every weekend trying to remind your Baganda friends that the struggle to get lid of this evil leadership in Kampala,which has overstayed its usefulness, must begin with Baganda people,for two reason. (1) It’s where in Buganda it has its administrative headquarters (2) because the Baganda are the ones with the most big numbers compared to other Ugandans…In a nutshell, Prof Kashambuzi is telling Baganda to wake up to struggle for real political and economic power ..and wrestle it away from these Tutsi people..if our children ,and the children of our children will have any chance to have a say of their country. We have slept for too long,since independence,only getting happy when we have been given positions in governments of other people,who have made sure that ..dishing positions to us is ok ..as long as we are not given any political power…just see what is happening now in Museveni’s government. How about in Mugisha Muntu’s political party? Don’t over look what is happening in Olala Otunnu’s UPC. There is only one Muganda….with the so called power..which in reality is simply a position for him and not real power. He is called Bbosa. Such unitary abuses that have befallen Uganda since independence, when power become a one-man show, must stop and should be uprooted for real federated power as being practised in most civilised western European/american world. So all in all Prof Kashambuzi,thank you very much for being a true friend of Buganda ..and may the Almighty God bless you for your efforts to make us realise that what is happening in Uganda is really a sad situation.

  • April 23, 2014 at 10:39 pm

    A very poor and shallowly thought out strategy from Prof Eric. Basing the ruling of Uganda on superiority of one tribe to another is the very bedeviling demon the country is still suffering from to date. Looking back to 1971, one would clearly see the tribal elements at work in the removal of Obote. Kakwa and associates brutalized the Acholi, Langi and others installing their leader Amin into power. A few years later the Acholi, Langi and associates revenged against the Kakwa and others reinstating their leader Obote into power. In 1985 Acholi and associates fell out with the Langi and Obote two was removed installing their leader Tito into power. General Tito was an old semi-illiterate man who did not know what to do with the sudden and unexpected acquisition of power. From the very beginning he called on Museveni and all others to come and help. Museveni, not liking the Acholis and knowing very well Tito and the weaknesses of the system he took over easily hoodwinked his way into power with the Banyankole, Baganda,
    Banyarwanda and associates seriously brutalized the Acholi and now his perceived enemies in all other tribes.
    What Uganda desperately need is unity of purpose. The purpose being the removal of M7 and establishing a all inclusive system in which no tribes of Uganda is inferior.

  • April 26, 2014 at 5:12 pm

    While one does not accept the author’s argument of Baganda this Baganda that beyond the efforts of other tribes, it should be noted that every tribe needs to take care of it’s own interests first. This business of unity of all Ugandans to rid the nation of the Tutsis is a false start from the outset that has failed us historically. Each tribe should seek the right to take care of it’s affairs within the larger Uganda. In a nut shell federalism should be the system of governance sought here. To give an example, one has to look at Europe. Individual countries are actually tribes with similar customs and languages! This is what is at the core of their stability politically, socially, economically and otherwise. It is from this background that each tribe bonds itself to the other in defending a common interest, e.g. the EU.

    Those that think Buganda is going to do what it did in the past by supporting specific elements outside of it to bring it some kind of perceived liberation need to think again. This is a falsehood that Buganda is not about to repeat one thinks, but rather front the federal system of governance. When implemented properly and without outside influences, this is the best form of governance for Africa given the diverse nature of our nations. An Acholi ought to protect his interests first and those of his people in Acholi before protecting the interests of the Basoga. The business of telling Africans that they need to integrate with others before integrating with themselves was/is the trick the west using to ensure disunity among African nations while taking its resources. Scotland today is looking to break away from the UK after 300 plus years of union – knowing that it will be stronger if it does – and it should not surprise anyone if Buganda or any other tribe for that matter, seeks to break away from Uganda in the future. Uganda was created by the white man and it should be uncreated by us to reinvent ourselves.

    The author raises a very pertinent issue albeit using a tired premise.


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