Why we’re falling off the cliff by leaving the EU

The white cliffs of Dover where ferries embark to Western Europe. Only one fate befalls anyone who falls off them.
The white cliffs of Dover where ferries embark to Western Europe. Only one fate awaits anyone who falls off them.

By Henry D Gombya

Britain’s most popular daily tabloid newspaper, The Sun on Wednesday came out with a headline that beamed its newspaper masthead on the white cliffs of Dover, where most Britons take the ferry to France and other European countries, with the words: “Dover and out!” This was the paper’s message to the rest of Europe that the historical day of the United Kingdom triggering Article 50 to end its 44-year marriage to the European Union (EU) had finally arrived.

Most of Britain’s major newspapers joined in the fanfare, welcoming with outlandish headlines, Prime Minister Theresa May’s triggering of Article 50 that kicked off the negotiations to end this ‘marriage of convenience’ that the majority of Britons were hoodwinked into voting for. But when The Sun’s headline of Britain jumping off the white Dover cliffs is taken into account, one wonders whether anyone jumping off any cliff can hope for any better life other than that of a painful death. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: “Today, the PM will take the UK over a cliff with no idea of the landing place. Scotland didn’t vote for it and our voice has been ignored.” Scotland has now demanded it be allowed to stage a second referendum about its remaining as part of the United Kingdom, the first having been held just about two years ago, and comprehensively defeated. Northern Ireland may also now seek a referendum to allow it to secede and join Ireland to form one country.

Brexit will indeed be a long hard slog. In a statement to the British Parliament Friday, Mrs May said while the United Kingdom is leaving the EU, it did not mean we were getting out of Europe. She said: “And I know many fear that this might herald the beginning of a greater unravelling of the EU. But let me be clear: I do not want that to happen. It would not be in the best interests of Britain. It remains overwhelmingly and compellingly in Britain’s national interest that the EU should succeed.” Imagine a wife telling her husband soon after filing successfully for divorce that she was convinced it would be in his best interest for their marriage to succeed!

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