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How Al Qaeda’s power has increased rather than lessened

Al- Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri. Al Qaaeda is said to be getting stronger rather than weaker nearly three years since its founding leader was killed by the US.

Two years after the end of the Iraq war, the U.S. State Department confirmed this week that it is providing the fragile country with sophisticated weapons and drones. Iraq needs help fighting against a growing and serious threat – al Qaeda. For those who don’t avidly follow the complicated machinations of the globe’s top terror group, this could be confusing. Hasn’t the line for years from the U.S. government and its allies been that al Qaeda is on the run, that its fiercest fighting ability has been weakened by U.S. strikes? That truth is far more complex, of course. The terror group’s manpower has increased in recent years, it has … Continue reading

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Islamic Front fighters take over Free Syrian Army bases

Members of the Free Syrian Army attend a weapons training session outside Idlib, Syria

The Islamic Front, a recently formed Islamist alliance of several large groups that cooperate with al Qaeda in Syria, has driven Free Syrian Army forces out of bases and a warehouse at the Bab al-Hawa border crossing into Turkey. Late last month, the warehouse and its FSA commanders were taken over by the al Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham. Following an all-night battle between the Islamic Front and FSA units, today Islamic Front fighters seized FSA arms depots containing weapons that had come into Syria through Turkey, according to the activist Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. FSA spokesman Louay Meqdad said the Islamic Front fighters raised their … Continue reading

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