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Taliban denounces former senior official, deny talking peace

Taliban deny Agha Jan Mutasim, the former Finance Minister represents them in talks with Afghan government.

  he Afghan Taliban have denied that a former senior official who was dismissed in 2010 represented the group in peace talks with the Afghan government. Additionally, the Taliban denied that it is currently conducting peace talks with the Afghan government in Dubai. The Taliban again reiterated Agha Jan Mutasim, the former finance minister for the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” and the son-in-law of Mullah Mohammed Omar, does not represent the group. The Taliban also said that Mutasim’s actions are “detrimental” to both the Taliban and “the goals of the sacred Jihad.” “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan once again declares to all parties that Agha Jan Mutasim does not hold … Continue reading

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Opposition takes over as Ukraine president flees country

Ukraine protesters stand guard in front of the presidential palace in Kiev as country

Opposition leaders took control of the presidential palace outside Kiev on Saturday, as Ukraine’s president, Viktor F. Yanukovych, fled the capital and Parliament, beginning to chart what appeared to be a new course for the former Soviet republic, called for elections to replace him. Members of an opposition group from Lviv called ‘the 31st Hundred’ — carrying clubs and some of them wearing masks — were in control of the entryways to the palace Saturday morning. They watched as thousands of citizens strolled through the grounds during the day, gazing in wonder at the mansions, zoo, golf course, enclosure for rare pheasants and other luxuries, set in a birch forest … Continue reading

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Taliban claim the execution of 23 Pakistani Frontier Corps troops

Omar Khalid [center], from a propaganda video released in 2012

An influential commander in the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan has issued a statement claiming that the group executed 23 Frontier Corps troops in retaliation for the death of jihadists by security forces. The statement was sent to The Long War Journal (LWJ) yesterday by Omar Khurasani, the spokesman for the similarly named Omar Khalid al Khurasani, the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan’s emir for the Mohmand tribal agency. The Mohmand Taliban leader signed the document. In the statement, Omar Khalid said the Pakistani government and security forces are continuing to target Taliban fighters and are also executing jihadists currently in custody. The Mohmand Taliban branch has not … Continue reading

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U.S. will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapon

US "military remains prepared for all options if Tehran would decide to secretly develop a bomb while engaging in diplomacy" says Elissa Slotkin, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for International Security Affairs.

By Nick Simeone Amid ongoing scepticism among lawmakers about Iran’s nuclear intentions, a senior Defence Department official told Congress today the United States will not allow Tehran to build a nuclear weapon, and that if Iran decided to use nuclear talks as a cover for developing one, Washington would be able to detect it. Elissa Slotkin, principal deputy assistant secretary of defence for international security affairs, told the House Armed Services Committee the military remains prepared for all options if Tehran would decide to secretly develop a bomb while engaging in diplomacy. “Any comprehensive agreement that we ever negotiate will emphasize verifiable means,” Slotkin said. “And importantly, we remain confident that … Continue reading

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