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Modi takes Indian premiership after decisive election victory

New Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his swearing ceremony in India Monday.

India’s opposition party leader Narendra Modi became India’s prime minister Monday, a little more than a week after his party scored a decisive victory at the polls. With the soaring cream-and-red sandstone dome of the president’s house as a backdrop, Modi, 63, took the stage dressed in one of his trademark high-collared vests and read the oath of office in a commanding voice. There were no speeches, and his newly appointed cabinet took the oath along with him, as is customary. Modi was sworn in on the forecourt of the historic residence, Rashtrapati Bhavan, surrounded by more than 3,000 guests and double the number of security staff, there to watch … Continue reading

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Poroshenko wins Ukraine poll and vows cooperation with Russia

grim task faces Petro Poroshenko who claimed victory in Ukraine

Ukrainian billionaire Petro Poroshenko prepared to take over as Ukraine’s leader Monday, vowing to end hostilities in the east, which he said was “impossible” without the cooperation of Moscow. Heavy fighting between separatists and Ukrainian forces around Donetsk International Airport forced local police to seal off the main road to the building about a mile from the terminal after the airport was closed Monday morning. There were two bursts of machine-gun fire from the direction of the terminal just after 1 p.m., followed by heavy fighting. A photojournalist from AFP who had been inside the airport about 30 minutes before the shooting said he saw Ukrainian forces, including snipers, on … Continue reading

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