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Obama and Cameron fail to see eye to eye on surveillance

British Prime Minister David Cameron and US President barack Obama addressing the world press at the East Room in the White House on Friday.

US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron struck different notes on surveillance powers after the president conceded that there is an important balance to be struck between monitoring terror suspects and protecting civil liberties. As Cameron warned the internet giants that they must do more to ensure they do not become platforms for terrorist communications, the US president said he welcomed the way in which civil liberties groups hold them to account by tapping them on the shoulder. Obama agreed with the prime minister that there could be no spaces on the internet for terrorists to communicate that could not be monitored by the intelligences agencies, subject … Continue reading

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Troubling times ahead in the UAE over press freedom

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan,  president of the United Arab Emirates

By Stephen Ouma Bwire As the world is further immersed in social and digital media, the rulers of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have become more aggressive in arresting and deporting people for expressing their opinions, as one of the victims of this crackdown, I have learnt how freedom of expression is recently categorised as a crime and threat to the country. The halo effects of the Arab Spring have definitely shaken UAE rulers who previously had taken a less antagonising approach compared to their GCC neighbours but still essentially were always mindful of the powers of sustaining the repressive stance that has always existed. Despite the absence of any … Continue reading

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