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Tensions rise in Washington as ‘Bibi’ bypasses White House

There is no love lost between Israel

Tensions between the White House and Benjamin Netanyahu intensified Wednesday as top administration officials condemned the Israeli prime minister’s plan to address Congress next week, while Netanyahu accused six world powers, including the United States, of “giving up on their commitment” in negotiations to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. The unusually public spat marked one of the lowest points in a relationship that has long bonded the two countries. Although the new round of recriminations reflected the frosty personal relations between President Obama and Netanyahu, it came at a critical juncture in multilateral talks designed to prevent Iran from using a civilian program to develop a nuclear weapon. … Continue reading

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Ukraine ceasefire holding as country’s currency collapses

A local woman is overcome with emotion as she looks at blood stains and damage around a wrecked truck of supporters of the self-proclaimed

Ukraine came under increasing economic pressure from a collapsing currency and a threat to its gas supplies from the Kremlin on Wednesday, just as a long-awaited ceasefire took hold in the east. As the truce appeared to be coming into force, the Ukrainian army reported no combat fatalities in the past 24 hours, but the news did nothing to halt a currency collapse that forced the central bank to ban most trading. In rebel-held eastern Ukraine, pro-Russian separatists were withdrawing heavy guns from the front. Kiev said it was too early to do likewise, but its acknowledgement that most of the front was quiet suggested it too could implement a … Continue reading

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Was the NYPD involved in Malcom X’s assasination?

Black Nationalist leader and Nation of Islam spokesman Malcolm X in Oxford with Eric Abrahams, right, the Student Union president, before addressing university students on the subject of extremism and liberty, 3rd December 1964.  (Photo by Keystone/Hulton)

50 years ago today, Malcolm X, one of the greatest leaders of Black America, and of all Africans period, was gunned down in a crime still shrouded in mystery to this very day. Was the NYPD (New York Police Department) involved or did police know about the impending murder and let it happen? And were some reporters, including Jimmy Breslin, tipped off that something was about to go down? On February 21 1965, El- Hajj Malik El-Shabazz [otherwise known as] Malcolm X, was assassinated in the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem. The official story is that Malcolm was killed because of his rift with the Nation of Islam and with the … Continue reading

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Ukraine ceasefire said to be holding – but only just

A pro-Russia militant stands at a checkpoint in the outskirts of Donetsk, Ukraine.

France and Germany believe the ceasefire in Ukraine is “generally” being observed, a statement from the French presidency says. But the countries’ leaders, who helped broker the truce, said some “local incidents” must be “quickly” resolved. Shelling has continued around the besieged town of Debaltseve. However, fighting in the area is reported to have lowered in intensity since the ceasefire began at midnight Saturday (22:00 GMT). Pro-Russian rebels had previously said they were entitled to fire in the town, as they believe the territory belongs to them. Meanwhile, a military spokesman said Ukrainian troops had come under fire 60 times in the hours after the truce came into force, AFP … Continue reading

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