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Jordanian King warns Syria is heading for a break-up

Jordan is urging the Obama administration to intensify efforts to find a political settlement to the Syrian conflict, warning that its northern neighbor appears increasingly headed toward either anarchy or a breakup that could imperil the region for decades to come. Jordan’s monarch, King Abdullah II, presented a blunt assessment of the two-year-old conflict during meetings this week with congressional leaders and White House officials, citing evidence that a long-feared splintering of Syria along sectarian and tribal lines appears to be speeding up. At the White House on Friday, the king described a ‘fragmentation of Syrian society, which is becoming more and more alarming.’ “We’re now seeing the surge of … Continue reading

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Obama vows extra $200m to Jordan to help Syrian refugees

US President Barack Obama has pledged to Jordan an additional $200m (£131m) to help deal with the growing number of Syrian refugees in the country. After talks in Amman, Mr Obama said the funds – if backed by Congress – would help provide more humanitarian aid. Some 450,000 Syrians have fled to neighbouring Jordan since the unrest began in 2011, putting huge pressure on the Jordanian authorities. Meanwhile, Jordan’s King Abdullah ruled out closing Jordan’s border with Syria. President Obama said he would ask Congress to provide additional funds as “budget support” to help the Syrian refugees. He said this would help improve basic services at refugee camps along the … Continue reading

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Jordanian protesters call for downfall of King Abdallah

Thousands of demonstrators chanted the Arab Spring slogan “the people want the downfall of the regime” in Jordan on Friday, although a day billed as the culmination of three days of occasionally violent protests passed off largely in peace. The staunch U.S. ally has so far largely avoided the street unrest that has swept across the Middle East over the past two years, but a decision this week to raise fuel prices led to demonstrations that raised the spectre of long-term instability. The mainly urban Muslim Brotherhood announced on Friday it was joining the protests, lending the voice of the country’s largest opposition movement to demonstrations which had previously mainly … Continue reading

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11 arrested as Jordan uncoveres al-Qaeda plot

The authorities in Jordan say they have arrested 11 militants alleged to have planned attacks on Western diplomats and shopping centres in the capital. Government spokesman Samih Maayta said the suspects were arrested in the past few days and were in police custody. Mr Maayta said the men had brought in weapons from neighbouring Syria, and al-Qaeda operatives in Iraq had helped them manufacture home-made explosives. The plot was said to have been in preparation since June. The plotters “had planned to bring TNT explosives and mortar shells from Syria”, state news agency Petra said. The targets included “shopping centres, residential areas, diplomats and foreign nationals”. The aim of the … Continue reading

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