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North Korea nears ‘dangerous line,’ Hagel says

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has warned North Korea it is “skating very close to a dangerous line” after weeks of saber-rattling, as northeast Asia watched for an expected missile test. “Their actions and their words have not helped defuse a combustible situation,” Hagel told reporters at the Pentagon. He said the United States and its allies want to see North Korean rhetoric “ratcheted down,” but if that doesn’t happen, “our country is fully prepared to deal with any contingency.” “We have every capacity to deal with any action North Korea will take to protect this country and the interests of this country and our allies,” Hagel said. American radar and … Continue reading

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US to boost nuclear missile defence to counter North Korea

The US plans to bolster its missile defences on the west coast to counter the threat from North Korea, Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel has announced. He said the US would add 14 interceptors, which can shoot down missiles in flight, to 30 already in place in California and Alaska by 2017. But the final phase of the US European Missile Defence programme is being scrapped to partly fund the project. Due to begin in 2022, it would have sited interceptors in eastern Europe. Mr Hagel cited a “series of irresponsible and reckless provocations” recently by North Korea. Pyongyang carried out a third nuclear test last month. A statement in North … Continue reading

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North Korea nuclear test branded ‘serious threat’ to US

North Korean military ambitions are a “serious threat” to the US, outgoing Pentagon chief Leon Panetta has said. In a speech made after Pyongyang carried out its third nuclear test, Mr Panetta likened the North to Iran, describing them as “rogue states”. In New York, the UN Security Council “strongly condemned” the nuclear test. The council said it would begin work on measures against North Korea, after UN chief Ban Ki-moon said the test was a “clear and grave violation”. Earlier, Pyongyang said “even stronger” action might follow, saying its test was a response to US “hostility”. North Korea warned the US in advance that it intended to conduct a … Continue reading

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North Korea threatens war with South over U.N. sanctions

North Korea threatened to attack rival South Korea if Seoul joined a new round of tightened U.N. sanctions, as Washington unveiled more of its own economic restrictions following Pyongyang’s rocket launch last month. In a third straight day of fiery rhetoric, the North directed its verbal onslaught at its neighbour on Friday, saying: “‘Sanctions’ mean a war and a declaration of war against us.” The reclusive North this week declared a boycott of all dialogue aimed at ending its nuclear programme and vowed to conduct more rocket and nuclear tests after the U.N. Security Council censured it for a December long-range missile launch. “If the puppet group of traitors takes … Continue reading

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