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Troubling times ahead in the UAE over press freedom

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan,  president of the United Arab Emirates

By Stephen Ouma Bwire As the world is further immersed in social and digital media, the rulers of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have become more aggressive in arresting and deporting people for expressing their opinions, as one of the victims of this crackdown, I have learnt how freedom of expression is recently categorised as a crime and threat to the country. The halo effects of the Arab Spring have definitely shaken UAE rulers who previously had taken a less antagonising approach compared to their GCC neighbours but still essentially were always mindful of the powers of sustaining the repressive stance that has always existed. Despite the absence of any … Continue reading

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Afghans unite in Sharjah to thank the Emirates

By Tilusha Vyas in Sharjah, UAE Numerous events were held this month in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to mark the strong unity among the seven states celebrating the 41st anniversary of the country’s National Day. Among the many events held on the day was the first ever celebration held by the Afghan community in the Emirates which also marked 41 years of deep friendship between the UAE and Afghanistan. Unlike the UAE which has prospered immensely over the last four decades, Afghanistan today is facing a deep economic crisis.  The ongoing turmoil and instability over the last 40 years has forced millions of Afghans to flee their homes and … Continue reading

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